Hi, I'm Zrinka!

After graduating from college and working in corporate world, one summer, I discovered my passion for photography.

Was it luck by chance or destiny, I don't know.

Also, that was the summer I read the book Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  

And there I found this quote I really liked:

"Wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your destiny."

So, I kind of thought that was IT. And it was.

I live in Zagreb, but I was born and raised in Dubrovnik.

My life's passions are my family and my dog and what I enjoy most, beside

photographing people, is travelling.

I consider it as investing in life, I like to go beyond what I know and

to see what happens, to create memories in unexpected ways and

to celebrate life that way.

I love animals and adventures, coffee and chocolate, sincere people and casual places.


Institute of Computer Education Malta: Photography and Photo Manipulation Techniques

Fotoklub Zagreb: Advanced digital photography course

Click Photo School: What Lies Within by Jennifer Bilodeau

Click Photo School: Like a dream by Sarah Christensen

Click Photo School: Mini Sessions by Jenni Maroney

Click Photo School: Shadows and Light by Jyo Bhamidipati