"Znam da u današnje vrijeme svi imamo konstantno mobitele u rukama i fotkamo sve i svašta... no ništa ne može zamijeniti stručno oko profi fotografa koji baš zna uloviti trenutak. Photosession u Maksimiru sa Zrinkom bilo je predivno iskustvo koje bi preporučila svakoj budućoj mamici. A tek kad su stigle slikice...prava divota i savršen poklon za cijelu obitelj. Sad slijedi novo slikanje sa novim članom!"

Sandra P.

Emotional storytelling

Have you ever wanted for some moments to last forever?

Have you ever tried to soak up that sensation you felt, the smells and the colours from those moments, to memorize them in your mind and body so you can go back to them after they are gone?

I believe we all have those moments in our lives we want to cherish and keep.

Some are so fleeting that we only manage to take just a memory of the feeling they evoked.

I want to give you the possibility to take those moments with you, in photographs.

So you don’t have to fear that you will forget them.

So you know that you have captured them for yourself,

for your loved ones and for those who are yet to come into your life.

My desire is to be your storyteller.

And I don’t think about those occasions that you have to dress up for and show up and be your best selves.

I think about those moments that are uncensored, raw, intertwined in your daily life, the ones that

make you hope and make you dream.

Those you haven’t planned for but life has just offered them to you to enjoy them to the fullest.


Those are the ones that I want you to have captured so that many many moments after they have happened, you take a look at those photos and they still evoke the same feelings as if it was just a moment before.



I like everything casual so usually I go for a walk with my clients

somewhere where it isn’t much crowded and

where you can still find some peace and quiet from the everyday hustle.


I take those moments to enjoy, to get to know you, to break the patterns of everyday life

and to create something beautiful just for you.


During our walk, whether it’s your favorite place or somewhere new,

we stop wherever our wandering souls take us and we capture those places and moments.


The sessions are usually about 1 hour long, depending on your mood and how you feel about it.


Sometimes, home is the only place where you want to be. Because sometimes,

all we want is to be cozy and safe from the outside world.

Or the weather just sucks. And that's just perfectly fine.

Because memories are made at home most of the time, where you snuggle and

play with your loved ones.

That's when I come to you, where you are comfortable and you just feel at ease.

These sessions are also about 1 hour long, depending on your mood and how you feel about it.

I offer different packages and they all include printed photos because I feel that a printed photograph has so much power that I wouldn't ever want you to miss it.


I also offer one other special option:



Lightweight, handmade, "old gold" colour.

Easy to hang on the wall, ceiling or to put on a shelf.

It is your personal art piece in your home.

/ Batteries included /

Leaves are bendable and you can adjust them as you like.

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You can put as many photos as you like as it is very easy to clip them and change them.

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Batteries are easy to change since they are hidden in the pouch. ON/OFF switch is at the top for easier handling.

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Leaves are bendable and you can adjust them as you like.

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